1. Bright Eyes

From the recording SONGS FOR THEO

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Vocals: Pete
Guitars: Pete
Bass: Spencer FitzGerald
Saxophone: Sarah Newell
Writers: Peter A. MacDonald
Engineered: Peter Andrew MacDonald
Mixed: Peter Andrew MacDonald
Mastered: Peter Andrew MacDonald
Release Date: November 12, 2021
Label: Bedroom Records
ISRC: CAOHY2000034


Bright eyes
Rest now to moonshine
Sleepy head
Why are you so shy

Oh darling please
Snooze now for me

Is peaking in our window
And Peter Pan are real

Darling you'll see
When your mind's free

So sleep for me
Float on the breeze
Darling just close your eyes
And dream

Bright eyes
Rest now to moonshine
Sleepy head
Welcome my old friend

Cutie you're tops
I love you lots

"...a smorgasbord of Pete's own authentic style which brings plenty of accordantly melodic soul..."” - Amelia Vandergast

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