[Pete] with his powerhouse vocals taking over the theatre along with his stage presence...” - Sarah Hellingwerf

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From the first soft folk slide in "Goodnight" all the way to the last pluck of the Nashville guitar, SONGS FOR THEO entices it's listener, hugging and calming the whole soul. The first full studio album from East Coast musician, PETE, is a listening treasure that gingerly tucks you in at night.   The lullabies feel familiar, like your mom's classic hit list - circa bedtime 1987. The melodies push and pull, massaging the musical mind in a journey you can either get lost in, or lose yourself to. The rich bass (Spencer FitsGerald) vibrates the toes and pats you on the back. Amplified in songs like "Quite the Creation" when the thick double bass wraps itself around you. A swirling saxophone (Sarah Newell) slumber weigh's heavy on the eye lids in songs like "Bright Eyes," and "Ga Ga Goo Goo." The album also boasts a professional mom, and recently promoted Granny, (Ronalda Hutton MacDonald) on the breath taking "Dear Little Baby." Her beautiful classical Irish sound "lingering at your nursery door now that you're asleep."   Inspired by his newest niece, Macie Mac, and influenced by all the wonderful cuddle monsters that blessed the writer’s lives this isolating year: Harrison, Theodore, Mcaleigh. Lyrically, the album brings you to the comfy cloud world that all babies exude, within the "Neverlands" and sweet cupboards of "Mamma Martha." Pete chases the sunrise with you, while teaching you about that "immature and pure" love. Grab a chair and your favourite cup. "Lemonade is nice on ice sunny day" as long as you're listening to SONGS FOR THEO.

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Mcaleigh's Chocolate Orange


Mcaleigh's Chocolate Orange

From the new album, SONGS FOR THEO, by east coast artist, PETE, MCALEIGH'S CHOCOLATE ORANGE is as sweet as it sounds. The first single of seven new original lullabies, this record gives you that light fluffy feeling only a mamas kiss could compliment. 

From the first accepella notes all the way to the last drop of "honey," this song delights your ears and washes away your fears. The thick bass (Spencer FitzGerald) massages your back as the guitar (Pete) chimes and transports you to dream land. Get lost within the "milkshakes at midnight" while the saxophone (Sarah Newell) blows Gabriel's sleepy horn. 

The harmonies blend together, giving that ooey gooey "middle of a cookie" you love to enjoy. Let the lyrics teach you that secret recipe - sit back, relax, and enjoy.

DONATE NOW - Just Click the Pic

DONATE NOW - Just Click the Pic

Support from my friends, family, and fans is what allows me to continue to create music.

I am very excited to announce the release of SONGS FOR THEO onto streaming services, NOVEMBER 12, 2021. Even though the songs are almost out, the work isn't even close to over... Creating a full album from scratch ain't cheap, and although I wish your enjoyment could solely fund a project, I must ask for more help.  

I'm hoping to raise 1000$ for additional physical printing, advertising, and distribution of SONGS FOR THEO. Thanks to the generosity of MusicNL I am able to complete a new musical project just for you, and with your help I can take it to the next level! So I ask, a lowly musician on your screen, if you have enjoyed my music in the past, are looking forward to the release of my next work, and are in a position to do so, please give generously. You have no idea how big a difference it makes and how much I truly appreciate it.  


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